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Magic Hogwarts Sorting Hat Candle (Color Changing!)

Magic Hogwarts Sorting Hat Candle (Color Changing!)

Fresh from our shoppe in Diagon Alley near Hogwarts Castle, our “Sorting Hat” color-changing candle is inspired by ✨magic✨!

Light the wick, and as it melts our Sorting Hat candle changes colors, to reveal which one of the four Hogwarts houses you belong to.


Handmade and delivered by Owl straight from Honeydukes, in a 4 ounce black metal tin (makes it great for traveling and apparating, too!). The hidden colors are hidden from us as well, we cannot hand-pick a "house color" for your young wizards and witches.


Four scent options:

Butterbeer- butterscotch , tonka bean and bourbon.

Cauldron Cakes- a light scent of oatmeal , milk, honey, tea and cakes.

Chocolate Frog- cocoa ganache , vanilla truffle and milk froth.

Unscented- nilch fragrance oil.

Hogwarts House color chart:


Green= Slytherin

Red= Gryffindor

Blue= Ravenclaw

Yellow= Hufflepuff


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