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Candle Making Experience Guests

Thank you for participating in a candle making experience with us!

Liability Form

Step 1: Please fill this form out for liability purposes.


Safety First!

Step 2: Our safety basics keep everyone, well- safe! Please have fun, and be safe:

  • Wax is hot, don't put your fingers in it. 

  • Fragrance oils should not be ingested. 

  • Let us know asap if there's spills and we'll help clean it up- accidents happen!

  • Don't hold wax or oils while bending down to retrieve something from the ground. 

  • Tie hair back and sleeves, no scarves or long necklaces. 

  • Avoid open container drinks on the candle supply table (bottles with lids are fine but wine glasses, no.)

  • No food on work tables.

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