Mount Rainier: Hometown Favorites Soy Candle

Mount Rainier: Hometown Favorites Soy Candle

Known for its rugged peaks, majestic trees and stunning summer wildflowers, Mount Rainier is an iconic part of Washington State’s landscape. Many Native American tribes called the mountain variations of Tacoma or Tahoma, which means “the source of nourishment from the many streams coming from the slopes.”


Our candle is named for Mount Rainier and captures it’s essence with local woodsy scents of spruce and fir trees with summertime wildflowers and a hint of wild blackberries. The scent is light, soothing and majestic and is perfect for burning in the background on a cold, cozy day at home.


Top Notes: Lemon rind, wildflowers, juniper and woods

Middle Notes: blackberries, white rose and blue spruce

Base Notes: Patchouli, Canadian Fir Needle, sandalwood





    Seattle Candle Girl, also known as KZ to her family; is a 13-year old middle schooler who lives with her mom and older brother and sister in the outskirts of Seattle. All candles are hand poured with love!


    All of our candles are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, made from premium 100% plant based soy wax that is free from dyes or additives. We hand selected all of our scents, choosing quality oils and fragrance blends that are paraben-free and phthalate-free. 


    When working with soy wax, slight variations (texture and appearance) and frosting may occur- this is normal and simply visual, and does not impact candle performance.


    All candles are made from blown glass tumblers, we encourage everyone to reusable their glass and upcycle into a second use!


    A portion of the proceeds go to the Candle Girl’s college fund as well as to local charities that our family supports and volunteers with.


    As a small business in our first year of production, at times our products are made to order and not on hand in stock. Typical production time is 7-10 business days. Please plan accordingly!

    Estimated Burn Times:

    Glass cylinder 16oz candle (120-150 hours) fill volume 22oz

    Glass tumbler 7oz candle (50-60 hours) fill volume 8.5oz

    Glass votive 2.75oz candle (18-20 hours) fill volume 3.5oz


    US shipping is based on weight, starting at $9 with Priority Mail through USPS. International shipping uses flat rate international USPS boxes, starting at $75 US.

    Within ten miles of the SeaTac Airport, local pickup can be arranged. Please use coupon code "LOCALPICKUP" to waive shipping costs.

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