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Harry Potter- Liquid Luck Candle

Harry Potter- Liquid Luck Candle

Fresh from our shoppe in Diagon Alley near Hogwarts Castle, Professor Slughorn's Felix Felicis (a.k.a. Liquid Luck) travel candle is inspired by ✨magic✨!


Handmade and delivered by Owl straight from Honeydukes, in a 4 ounce gold metal tin (makes it great for traveling and apparating, too!). Black soy wax with swirls of gold, with an elixir of bourbon, honey, and Felix Felicis.


Professor Horace Slughorn rejoined Hogwarts as Potion Master in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and it was during that first year back that he introduced Harry and company to Felix Felicis or “Liquid Luck”, a potion that made the drinker lucky for a period of time. We have it in candle form- light the candle for added luck!




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